Ready Care 


 Open Monday-Thursday, 8AM-Noon  1PM-5PM

Cash, check, credit/debit cards accepted.  No health insurance accepted.  Payment is due in full when your visit is complete.

Non-Physician Services: NO visit fee

  • Pregnancy Test ONLY: $10
  • Blood pressure check:  FREE
  • Tuberculosis (PPD) Testing: $30


    $5 for first vaccine

     $10 for 2 or more vaccines

  • Flu Vaccine: $20
  • Tetanus (Tdap): $55
  • Hepatitis A series: $150 for 2 dose series
  • Hepatitis B series: $180 for 3 dose series
  • Pneumonia vaccine:
    • Prevnar:  $215
    • Pneumovax: $110
  • Shingles: $275
    Other immunization pricing available

Visit Fee (Minor Illnesses and Injuries)*: $65 

Labs & Tests: Visit Fee Applies

  • Complete Blood Count (CBC): $5
  • Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP): $5
  • Complete Metabolic Panel (CMP): $5 
  • Thyroid (TSH): $5
  • Protime/INR: $10
  • Urinalysis (for urine infection): $5
  • Cholesterol: $10
  • Diabetes screening: $10
  • Strep Test: $5
  • Sed Rate (ESR): $5
  • Prostate Screen (PSA): $10


More screenings, vaccines, labs, tests, and procedures available in office.
Call for pricing.  Prices subject to change but may be confirmed in office at time of visit.

 Avoda Health                          provides quick, convenient care for non-urgent illnesses and minor injuries.

This service is available to non-members including patients with and without insurance.

 Ready Care 

Friday, 8AM-Noon

  *If you think you need an ambulance or this might be a serious emergency, please do not come here.

If you are uncertain if Avoda Health can handle your acute problem, please call and we can let you know.

Visit Fee covers a single-problem visit.

is not designed to manage ongoing chronic conditions such as diabetes or hypertension.

Please call for an appointment.  Same day and next day appointments available weekdays.

Avoda Health                                is ready to meet your health needs and prescribe medications when necessary.

     Visit Fee applies to every physician visit and is the starting price.  Some visits may incur additional charges as shown below. 

You will be informed of price BEFORE additional services are provided.

 Ready Care 

 Ready Care 

Special Physician Visits:

  • Sports/School Physical: $40 (No visit fee)
  • ODOT Physicals: Coming soon!
  • Travel consult: $65 visit fee + Vaccines

Procedures: Visit Fee Applies

  • Skin Procedures: $35-$45
    • Additional charge for pathology if lesion not benign
  • Wart Freezing: $20/10 lesions
  • Splinting: $25
  • Casting: $50   Cast Removal: $20
  • Suture/Staple Removal: No extra cost
  • Suture Placement: $25-$50
  • Joint Injection: $25
  • Toenail Removal: $50
  • Ear Irrigation: No extra cost
  • Circumcision: $100
  • Breathing Treatment: $10
  • EKG: $15

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